The MSC Cruises experience create unique and unforgettable emotions for guests. Departing from Piraeus, discover the beauty of the Mediterranean and the world cuisine’s tastes, while experiencing plenty of on-board activities.

You can enjoy all of this starting from 499€ per person for a 7-night cruise!


Starting your voyage from Piraeus, you can travel to other cities coasting the Mediterranean sea and discovering a wide variety of itineraries with MSC Cruises. While travelling near to the beauty of the Croatian coasts, witness incredible natural landscapes surrounded by the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Feel the Italian mood sailing to Venice, Bari and Brindisi and lose yourself in the history of this places. With many exciting and tailored excursions to enjoy, immerse yourself in the local culture and history. Whether with your family, with friends, or in a couple's getaway, you can enjoy the onboard entertainment tailored for all ages and the international cuisine. Aside from the pleasure of waking up in a different port every day, everything you expect from a holiday is included in a cruise with MSC Cruises!


Traveling abroad has never been easier. Without paying extra for your flight tickets or transfers, you can embark from Piraeus, one of the oldest ports in the world, to feel the cruise experience! During your voyage, you will have the chance to explore different countries and cities without any flight costs, just from your home. Moreover, you can open your eyes to different vistas every morning without packing your luggage many times.

Discover the best cruise destinations, with a wide variety of itineraries mapped to reveal the sights, sounds and flavors of the world's most intriguing cultures. Experience the beauty of the Mediterranean and cruise to Italy and Croatia departing from your home port!


You will find everything you expect from a perfect holiday on MSC Cruises, in a much more affordable way than standard holidays, to suit every budget. Only a cruise vacation gives you full board accommodation, ultimate comfort, cultural exploration, unlimited entertainment for all ages, and international tastes all included in the price and in one place. With a wide range of selection of cabins, destinations, experiences, and ships, you can find what is best for you.

You can benefit from all these exclusive opportunities by booking your 7-night cruise from Piraeus with prices starting from 499€ per person, with the possibility to add drinks.

While you are enjoying your time onboard, we will take you to the mesmerizing landscapes every day. All these experiences are included in the price of your dream cruise.

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Αδριατική & Αιγαίο με το MSC Sinfonia

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